1984 TDK SA 60 Audio Cassette

1984 TDK SA 60 Audio Cassette

The TDK SA 60 was a really nice Type 2 high bias tape with a round but well defined sound. It also seemed a pretty durable piece of manufacture, and this one, whilst not having been played regularly since I moved its content to digital media in the late 1990s, does still sound very good – well over a quarter of a century after it was produced. ‘SA’, incidentally, stood for Super Avilyn, which was the receptive coating formulation TDK used on the actual tape.

I’ve designated the year as 1984. I bought the tape in January 1985, and used it to preserve a mix of a studio demo I was recording with a band. My assumption is that the cassette was made in the latter part of 1984. The TDK SA 60 of the mid ‘eighties had good signal to noise characteristics. Indeed, the predominant recording noise evident on this tape actually comes from the recording studio‘s setup, so clearly this audio cassette displayed less hiss than a supposedly professional studio managed to gate out of its own recording chain!