1984 Sony UCX 60 Audio Cassette

1984 Sony UCX 60 Audio Cassette

This was a tape which certainly had the looks, but did it have the sound to match?… The Sony UCX of 1984 was a Type 2, high bias, CrO2 cassette which was competing with the likes of TDK’s SA series, the Maxell XLII, and the BASF Chromdioxid. That was a tough arena for any rival, and I didn’t feel the Sony UCX had enough going for it to really fight its ground. It sounded nice enough, but I didn’t find it particularly resistant to drop-outs – those annoying breaks in recording consistency particularly evident in the high treble frequencies. Chrome tapes were always going to show up drop-outs more easily than normal tapes, simply because their high frequency reproduction was inherently more powerful. But Sony’s Type 2 tape didn’t to me seem as solid and durable as some other brands.