1988 TDK MA-X 46 Audio Cassette

1988 TDK MA-X 46 Audio Cassette

Classy look, classy tape. This is TDK‘s MA-X Type 4 metal bias audio cassette, from 1988. Metal tapes as a breed reproduced the best frequency range of all the four types, as well as accepting high volume levels without running into distortion. This tape has certainly made a great job of preserving an ‘album’ of my own songs, as recorded on a home multi-tracker in 1988. The multitracker (a Tascam Portastudio – see HERE and HERE for more details) would not allow the use of metal tapes, so the track-building itself would have to be done on a chrome (CrO2) cassette. However, the final stereo master would be recorded from the Portastudio onto a separate stereo cassette deck, which did allow the use of metal tapes – hence the option to employ this TDK MA-X 46.