1994 Maxell MX-S 46 Metal Bias Audio Cassette

1994 Maxell MX-S 46 Metal Bias Audio Cassette Tape

In the mid 1990s I started to make the switch from analogue to digital recording. However, the process of transition was slow, and actually took some years. It was 1998 before I completed the transition and for the first time began creating multi-tracked home recordings entirely on a computer. Between 1994 and 1998 I was still mastering my songs to audio tape, mostly using a combination of vocals and guitars recorded to tape on a Portastudio, and electronic MIDI instruments synthesizing various parts (including drums) on a live sync-up.

The Maxell MX-S (this one hailing from 1994) was a really nice metal bias Type 4 tape, which allowed me to preserve the absolute maximum definition from my hybrid (analogue/digital) multi-tracking setup, and maintain what at the time seemed like a very impressive signal to noise ratio. How ironic it was that just as audio tapes were finally reaching the point where they could deliver genuinely stunning quality, definition and durability, a new age was dawning, in which audio tapes would no longer be required.