1970s Scotch Dynarange C90 Audio Cassette

1970s Scotch Dynarange Audio Cassette

I don’t have a date of purchase for this blatantly very old Scotch Dynarange tape, but there’s one recording on it featuring me as a child, with kids I knew at junior school. The case design ties in with that shown in the 1971 to 1973 stock on http://vintagecassettes.com/, and there’s nothing to contest the fact that my Mom would have bought the cassette during that period. The recording of me as a child wouldn’t have been as early as that – it’s more like 1975 or 1976 I think. But this is a retro cassette, good and proper.

It’s a Type 1 normal bias tape, and the sound is pretty grim. How much of that is down to the ageing process or the original recording equipment I don’t really know – and I’m certainly not about to start erasing 35+ year old material to find out how the tape records modern signals on known gear. [UPDATE: You can now find a full up-to-date sound test in the early ’70s Dynarange C120 post, and you might be suprised by the results.]

In the early to mid 1970s, few people used Type 2 chrome tapes, and I don’t even remember hearing about them when I was in junior school. A tape was a tape, and as is evident in the photo, there was no denotation of tape type on the product – it wasn’t considered necessary for the average consumer to know.

This is the 90 minute capacity Scotch Dynarange. You can find a photo of the orange coloured C120 version in my 1980s Audio Cassettes article at Planet Botch. Tastes in colour have definitely improved over the past forty years I feel.