Early 1990s That’s AS IV Audio Cassette

Early 1990s That's AS IV 46 Metal Audio Cassette Tape

In contrast with the EX 90, this, the AS IV, was a proper metal tape from That’s. A Type 4 as opposed to a Type 2. Judging by the material it was used to master (from a four-track Portastudio), this one was probably bought in the latter half of 1994. I rated That’s cassettes very highly, and this super-high bias job has a very bold, big sound with phenomenally good signal to noise and typically good resistance to glitches. After listening back through the recordings on this metallic monster I almost want to turn my back on CDs and go back to using audio tape for future projects. I did say almost, so it’s not likely to actually happen, but if CDs were banned tomorrow, tapes like this would provide a very acceptable rescue mechanism.