1987 Sony HF 30 Audio Cassette

1987 Sony HF 30 Audio Cassette

In latter 1985, my normal bias tape of choice became the Sony HF – in particular the HF 30, as I normally went for as short a tape length as I could get away with. But by 1987 – the year of this HF 30 – I was almost invariably using Type 2 high bias cassettes; typically Maxells. However, amid my phase of Type 2 dedication, a local producer offered to record some tracks for a mate and I, after we’d started collaborating as a musical duo. The producer supplied our copies of the recording on these HF 30s. This tape, then, is quite an exception within my collection – particularly as the ’87 HF 30 is different from the ’85, which I have in abundance.

The HF 30 was a basic tape. I viewed it as a slight upgrade on the CHF from prior to 1985, with what sounded to me like better signal to noise, and improvements in general resilience. These were warm rather than bright sounding tapes, but I found their renditions attractive. Quite retro and ’70s, at a time in the mid ’80s when everyone was trying to add zing to zing, and season it with a sprinkling of extra zingy zing.

The photo shows the cassette resting on a late 1980s copy of Home & Studio Recording magazine, with an ad for a bit of period multi-tracking equipment on show.