1992 BASF Chrome Extra II 60 Audio Cassette

1992 BASF Chrome Extra II 60 audio cassette

BASF maintained their commitment to chrome as a Type 2 formulation into the 1990s, and this was how things were looking in 1992. The BASF Chrome Extra II was the ‘entry level’ chrome tape in the range. It had a very typical BASF sound – quite glassy, with so much weight at the extremes of the frequency range, it was almost as if some of the midrange had been scooped a little. If you liked that sound, this was a great value tape, proving itself a lot more resistant to drop-outs than early ’80s BASFs in my experience.

I thought this see-through look was quite attractive, and much preferred it to the previous design with a ridged dark grey casing. The collection of tracks I mastered from my home multi-tracker onto a few of these Chrome Extra IIs, was largely centred around the super-bright acoustic piano simulation on a Rhodes MK-60. To capture that cutting brilliance, a BASF chrome tape would always be a primary contender. Very hi-fi and desirable in 1992, but it sounds a bit dated today.