1981 Sony BHF 90 Audio Cassette

1981 Sony BHF 90 paper label Audio Cassette

This is the old paper (as opposed to foil-type) label version of the Sony BHF 90, from 1981. I know that I was buying these paper label jobs through 1982 as well as in latter ‘81, but by spring 1983 I was getting the shiny label versions.

The Sony BHF was a good normal bias tape, ranking higher than the base-level CHF in the range – costing more, but providing very obviously better quality. The BHF resisted drop-outs pretty well too – especially for a relatively bright-sounding Type 1 cassette at the beginning of the 1980s.

You can compare this ’81 version of the BHF 90 to the ’83 variant with the foil-type label, by clicking THIS LINK.

As regards the actual content on this cassette, one side has a live Clint Eastwood & General Saint performance on it, which I think is probably recorded from TV. The performance is definitely from 1982. Here in the UK, Eastwood & Saint were a really cool reggae act with an up-to-the-minute and forward-moving style. They were like a stepping stone between the dub reggae and ‘toasting’ of the ’70s, and the humourous, sound-system reggae epitomised by Smiley Culture in the mid ’80s. Very influential, and importantly, recognised by quite a significantly-sized white audience, as well as black. White and racially-diverse bands in the late ’70s (particularly The Clash, the Two-Tone movement, and from 1980, UB40) had helped a lot of whites to discover and appreciate reggae. But it still took a very clever approach for Eastwood & Saint to gain such universal appeal with a stripped-back, wholly-Jamaican dub style.