1990 That’s RX 60 Audio Cassette

1990 That's RX 60 Audio Cassette

I’ve put this one down as a ‘1990’, because I believe I bought it in the latter part of that year – possibly even early 1991. However, vintagecassettes.com shows this version of the RX as having been replaced by a different design by 1990, so I dare say some of this stock took a lot longer to sell than the UK retailers might have desired.

There’s a recording of the 1991 Buddy Guy album Damn Right I’ve Got The Blues on this cassette. I did buy the album on vinyl (and still have it), but I’d want to listen to albums on a (Walkman type) personal stereo as well as on the record player, hence the transfer to tape. This was a grey area in legal terms. Technically, you weren’t supposed to copy commercial albums. But if you’d paid for the album and merely wanted to broaden the scope for listening to it, on a purely personal basis, it didn’t seem to be contravening the spirit of the copyright arrangement.

The That’s RX was a normal bias Type 1 cassette, sitting at the basic end of the spectrum. But typically for That’s, it was well made and it sounded good. Sometimes, the more lo-fi sound of a type 1 tape could be preferable to the ‘chinginess’ of a Type 2 – especially in a personal stereo, which in itself would often have a bright tonal personality. These RXs weren’t lo-fi in the sense that they’d have wow and flutter or distortion. They were just deficient in reproducing certain frequencies – almost in the way a guitar amplifier’s ‘full range’ speaker filters out the ‘fizz’ and produces a rounded and attractive, if technically-flawed sound.