1989 Memorex CRX IIS 60 Audio Cassette

1989 Memorex CRX IIS 60 Audio Cassette

Memorex was a very shaky brand, with a poor reputation among some circles of aficionados. But Memorex tapes did sell, with the average consumer most probably buying them on the strength of the slick TV advertising they utilised. The UK’s TV ads of 1982 initially alerted me to Memorex tapes.

This is the Memorex CRX IIS – a Type 2 high bias audio cassette which in my experience didn’t perform much better, if any better at all, than a decent Type 1. To me it actually sounds like a Type 1, certainly not possessing the high frequency finesse of a typical high bias tape. The CRX IIS was sold as Chrome Bias rather than High Bias. Whether it had an actual chrome formulation I can’t establish for definite, but within my limited tech knowledge I’d say the signs are that it did.

These were the last Memorex audio cassettes I ever used, which perhaps gives some idea of how they compared to what was, by the end of the 1980s, some pretty intense competition. The CRX IIS did at least prove itself fairly immune from glaring drop-outs. But having said that, drop-outs were always much more noticeable in very high fidelity tapes. The CRX IIS’s fidelity was so much duller than a typical 1989 Type II tape, that any subtle sonic glitches would not be as easy to detect, even if they were there.