Branded Woolworths Chrome 90 Audio Cassette

Branded Woolworths Chrome 90 Audio Cassette

Another good find, in the shape of this Woolworths Chrome 90 audio tape. Unlike the Woollies Chrome 90 and Ferric 90 I photographed in their cases for previous posts, this one actually has branding on the cassette shell. Once again, the shell is different in design, so it’s not just a matter of whether recognition was added to the cassettes – Woolworths looked to be using a range of different manufacturers. I don’t know whether this tape was made before the others, or shortly after, or even in between – but it’s clearly a 1990s offering. Somewhere between 1994 and 1998 I’d guess. It’s hard to be more specific, because the recordings now on the cassette evidently aren’t the first.

Even more so than the unbranded Woolworths Chrome cassette I photographed, this is very respectable indeed in terms of performance. Hiss is minimal, and the tape takes plenty of signal before the risk of distortion kicks in. It’s certainly not in the BASF Chromdioxid Super category when it comes to shimmering and classy treble, but this Woollies Chrome 90 is pleasant to listen to. Given that this would almost inevitably have undercut most of the competition on price, it’s very difficult to criticise.