1992 Scotch BX 60 Audio Cassette

1992 Scotch BX 60 Audio Cassette

This is a Scotch BX/60, from 1992. It’s not a good tape. It’s very hissy and pretty much personifies low-end sound quality. I suppose that’s fair enough, given that it sat at the bottom of Scotch’s range at the time, but it’s not a great advert for what was once a very well respected brand.

The BX/90 was a normal bias Type I, suited primarily to voice recording, and not even particularly adequate for that given that this was a 1990s cassette. There’s some brightness – the treble certainly isn’t completely dead. There is, however, some mild but noticeable continuous warbling in the pitch, which intensifies from time to time and becomes irritating. There are quite a few drop-outs too. The tape has been used for music, so the flaws are exacerbated, but I’m glad I didn’t buy any of these for my own use. I don’t envisage myself playing this one again anytime inside the next decade.