1987 TDK D 46 Audio Cassette

1987 TDK D 46 Audio Cassette

I felt that the TDK D audio tape of the mid to late 1980s was very similar to the Sony HF. A basic and cheap Type I with quite a warm sound, relatively low fidelity, and a very similar appearance too by 1987, when the tape in this photo was made. Check the HF link above for a visual comparison.

This is a TDK D 46, offering 23 minutes of recording time per side. The TDK D must have sold in breathtaking quantity over the years, such was its prominence on the retailers’ shelves, in singles and multi-packs. In fact, I can’t imaging anyone who used audio cassettes back in the ’80s not crossing paths with one of these at some point.

For this photo I balanced the tape on top of a tripod in a dim room, shooting towards a window, which backlit the cassette with daylight. The idea was to try and exploit the transparency of the casing, and the plan worked pretty well.