1995 TDK SF 90 Audio Cassette

1995 TDK SF 90 Audio Cassette

The TDK SF 90 of 1995 was TDK’s basic Type II tape. I thought these were very good value and used them a lot. They were pretty much interchangeable with the That’s VX60, offering similar characteristics and reliability at the same sort of price. The tinted casing gave the TDK SF 90 a little visual personality.

In the photo, the SF 90 sits on a 1996 advert for recording and MIDI specialist retailer Music Connections. You can see that whilst the audio cassette was still alive on the mass consumer market, the specialist recording market had already turned its back on analogue and moved almost completely into the realm of digital. Even the Fostex brand, formerly synonymous with tape-based home mutitrackers, was by this time very much involved with digital, computerised recording.