1990s Mitsubishi C60 Audio Cassette

1990s Mitsubishi C60 Audio Cassette

One of the brands less synonymous with the manufacture of audio cassettes was Mitsubishi. This Mitsubishi C60 tape was given to me by someone I was teaching to play keyboards, near the end of 1999. So there’s a lot of stuff I can’t be sure of about. What I can say is that this is a Type I normal bias cassette, and hiss levels are not at all intrusive. Beyond that, there are some problems, but how much blame the cassette should take for that isn’t clear.

The recording isn’t technically that well made. The level to tape is too low, and the stereo balance is a bit suspect too. The inherent sound is nice, with good bass response and adequate, if not astoundingly glittering top end for a normal bias tape. However, there are some serious drop-outs – some of the most glaring I’ve heard in a post 1980s Type I cassette. I don’t know how many times the cassette was played and/or re-recorded before it was given to me. If it was thrashed to death, then some drop-outs might be expected. Going on the cassette’s rather pristine look, though, I’m guessing it wasn’t heavily used. But even if it wasn’t, I’d still be reticent to attribute all the blame to the cassette by default – without knowing what sort of equipment was used for the recording, what kind of state the heads were in, etc.

An interesting cassette to find, though. I only have this one, and it’s not a product Google Image Search seems to know anything about, so it was well worth posting.