1998 TDK SA 90 Audio Cassette

1998 TDK SA 90 Audio Cassette

It’s hard now to imagine how life would be without fast PCs and intuitive operating systems. Even though it was made in the Internet era, this tape predates the release of Windows 98 (imagine that). So we’re back in the territory of Windows 95, and a climate in which most consumers were only just learning what USB was. The computers on many people’s desktops still didn’t feature CD burners, and so there was still a big market for blank audio cassettes.

This TDK SA 90 was from the very last audio cassette batch I bought before moving over to fully digital recording. In fact, I was just a couple of weeks away from buying the computer which would end my dependence on audio cassettes when I got hold of these. I’d always been comfortable using SAs ever since buying my first ones in the mid 1980s. You knew what you were getting in terms of reliability and sound. Not the brightest Type II tapes on the market by any means, but solid and dependable, reassuring to pick up, and full-bodied with good punch in the midrange.