1994 Maxell UR90 Audio Cassette

1994 Maxell UR90 Audio Cassette

Even though the Vintage Cassettes site categorises this cassette as remaining in production until 1993, I’ve logged this one as 1994. It could feasibly have been made in 1993, but it wasn’t bought until very late in ’94 at the earliest – possibly the beginning of 1995. Because of the type of blog this is, it suits me better to work on when the tapes were bought (rather than purely reference information) as a guide to their year. It helps give some insight into what was on sale in the UK shops, and when, as well as hinting that the tapes often took a considerable time to work their way through the system into the hands of the eventual consumer.

Anyway, this is a Maxell UR 90 – normal bias, Type I. It’s typically Maxell, which essentially means it’s very good indeed within its class. Hiss is incredibly low for a basic ferric cassette at the cheap end of the range, and the sound is good. I recall Maxells as ‘sure-footed’ tapes, with a high resistance to glitches, and this one is no exception.

I don’t know what it is that’s recorded on this cassette, and I don’t want to know. It was put on there by a friend in 1995 as a mere component in a jumble of what I consider quite a bizarre collection of audio recordings. There were some ‘motivational’ sessions (maybe she thought I was under-achieving), some songs she’d written and played herself, and a couple of other odds and ends. In this recording there’s an analogue synthesizer flying about all over the place, and a rather posh bloke narrating something over the top of it. But there are massive, long gaps between every sentence he narrates, and frankly, life just isn’t long enough to sit them out. So I’ll probably never know what I’ve just listened to. And hopefully, by the weekend, I’ll have forgotten all about it.