1989 TDK D 90 Audio Cassette

1989 TDK D 90 Audio Cassette

This is the 1989 version of the TDK D audio cassette (a 90 minute variant in this instance), which I’ve posted for comparison with other TDK Ds I’ve photographed for the blog. You can find all the versions in the alphabetical index to blank cassettes.

This tape is very well used and quite noticeably worn. If you look through the clear plastic casing you can see that the ‘D’ designation on the reverse side is chipped and ground away – probably because it’s the area of the cassette where a thumb would sit when inserting into and removing from the recorder/player.

I don’t know who or where this tape came from, but there’s some Daryl Hall & John Oates material on it, which I don’t remember ever having first hand access to. I thought Hall & Oates did some very good stuff, but they were one of the acts which I never really prioritised among the vast sea of entertainment in the 1980s. The band’s fantastic live 1970s performance of She’s Gone from BBC2’s The Old Grey Whistle Test has over the years become a much revisited highlight on UK television, but I was too young to be watching that when it originally screened, so my awareness of Hall & Oates began in the early 1980s – probably with the track Private Eyes. Funnily enough, though, it wasn’t until I retrospectively watched the ’70s performance that I really started to appreciate the talent of Hall & Oates. I much preferred that gritty power to the heavily produced and frankly quite sanitised sound the duo had in the ’80s.

But none of this addresses where the tape came from of course. I’m afraid that in the absense of a time machine, that’s probably gonna have to remain a mystery.