Emtec Sound I 90 Normal Bias Audio Cassette

Emtec Sound I Normal Bias Audio Cassette

An audio cassette from Emtec, which was the brand that engulfed BASF in the late 1990s. This Emtec Sound I 90 is a normal bias Type I tape, bearing the Emtec name, but an amended version of the BASF logo, with ‘EMTEC’ replacing ‘BASF’ in its top left-hand corner.

The cassette came to me in October 2005, with a rough version of a song I was going to re-record for someone as a professional quality demo – plus some other material. I don’t know what equipment he used to make the recordings, but there’s some pitch-warble in places. Because the warble isn’t consistent across all the tracks, I’m putting it down to the recording gear rather than the tape. The effect could arise from using battery-operated tape recorders with the batteries less than fully charged, and I get the feeling that the recordings on this tape could well have been made on battery-operated gear. That said, the cassette does seem to distort at fairly modest volume levels, so I don’t think it’s a massively impressive product. I’d guess the tape was actually made around the turn of the century.