1995 Sony FXI 90 Audio Cassette

1995 Sony FXI 90 Audio Cassette

As promised in yesterday’s post depicting the 1996 Sony FXI, this is my other 1990s FXI, from 1995. This version was not pre-labelled at the factory, and came out of its packaging with a bare plastic face.

I’ve gone for a monocrome shot in this post – I thought it was a good way to emphasise the detail and form of this cassette, with its transparent cartridge.

The cheap, base-quality tape you see here has been used for voice recording. Someone I knew in the mid ’90s used to send me self-help tapes, and I suppose technically this cassette falls into that category. However, the guy reading the lecture (and my gosh, can’t you just tell he’s reading it) is one of the most tedious characters ever to be let loose with a microphone. I’ve no idea who he is, but the only thing he’s helped me to do is feel excessively tired. I thus terminate this post here, laying the blame for its brevity entirely at the door of the self-help guy. I’m going for a lie down…