1980s High Bias White Label Audio Cassette

1980s High Bias White Label Audio Cassette

This generic-looking audio cassette, which I acquired in the late 1980s from a local producer of amateur bands, has proved impossible to identify so far. It has a white paper label, which appears to have been stuck on by the producer, rather than at the factory, and it has the appropriate sensor notches for high bias (CrO2-type) operation. The tape is dark, purple/blue-black, but it doesn’t have the ‘chrome smell’, or indeed any smell at all. It doesn’t sound very chrome-like either. It has a thicker tone more in keeping with a cobalt composite.

The producer in question was using a lot of these cassettes around the late ’80s and into the ’90s, but unfortunately I’ve long lost touch with him, so the source of these old tapes is a mystery which could take me a while to solve.