1987 BASF Chromdioxid Extra II 60 Audio Cassette

1987 BASF CR-E II 60 Audio Cassette

The BASF CR-E II audio cassette (or Chromdioxid Extra II, as it was identified on the outer packaging), filled the space in the range previously occupied by the Chromdioxid II. Despite the ‘Extra’, this tape was still BASF’s standard CrO2 offering, and I couldn’t really tell any difference between this and the previous Chromdioxid II. The CR-E II arrived in 1985, even sporting the same basic colour scheme as its predecessor, although the grey label on this cassette had a sort of metallic effect which changed the shade of grey as the shell was moved in the light.

Soundwise, this 1987 tape is classic BASF chrome. Super-bright and transparent, with an 1980s glassiness to behold. There’s some really good music on the cassette, featuring an acoustic piano and vocals, which I recorded straight to a stereo deck. Sadly, though, the record level was too high and there is some distortion. The level would have been fine for some other tapes I was using around that time, but these real CrO2s couldn’t handle high volumes. It’s all part of the nostalgic package, though. A taste of what I was doing as a youngster, 25 years ago. It really doesn’t seem any time at all. In another 25 years, assuming I’m still around, I’ll presumably be a pensioner. Life, blink of an eye, etc. Scary.