1993 TDK SA-X 60 Super Avilyn Audio Cassette

TDK SA-X 60 Audio Cassette

The early to mid 1990s TDK SA-X 60 audio tape was the upmarket high bias product in the range. TDK had notably used their own Super Avilyn tape coating for high bias Type II cassettes right through the era when chrome was the most popular Type II formulation. But by the time this cassette was manufactured in the early 1990s, most rivals had dropped chrome and followed the TDK path, adopting a cobalt-ferric mix of some sort.

You’d therefore expect TDK to have been in firm command when it came to high bias tapes in 1993. Afterall, they’d been running with the cobalt formulation for ever and a day. Sadly, however, this cassette didn’t live up to expectations for me. Super Avylin never had the sparkle of chrome, but this tape seems particularly devoid of personality. Not very pretty at all, and given that this was meant to be a higher-end product, the amount and prominence of drop-outs is a let-down. It’s not a great tape at all. Nowhere near as good as the TDK SF.