1993 TDK AR60 Type I Audio Cassette

1993 TDK AR60 Audio Cassette

The TDK AR60 was one of the better Type I audio cassettes. The sound from Type I tapes could vary enormously, going from a woolly blob of poorly defined warbling at the low end of the market, up to a frequency-rich and high fidelity experience in the more expensive echelons. Not that Type I cassettes could ever be described as expensive in themselves, but if you used a lot of them and bought in bulk, there’d be a dramatic difference in price between a batch of low end Type Is and the high end alternatives.

The very best Type Is were close in tonality to the Type III ferrochromes, but could never quite capture the glassiness of chrome in the upper frequencies. The TDK AR wasn’t among the very best Type Is, but it was a nice product pitched well above the basic TDK D and serving as a very good all round, general purpose cassette.

The cassette is depicted here sitting atop a contemporary edition of Sound on Sound magazine (February 1994 edition, bought around the same time as the tape, in January ’94), which is showing an ad for the Yamaha MT8X eight track home tape multitracker. In fact, this cassette wouldn’t have been compatible with the multitracker, as the device was engineered only to take Type IIs. It was, however, the most appropriate backdrop I could find in terms of the purchase date.