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Tape Tardis looks back at audio cassette tapes, their properties, their use, and the trivia surrounding them. The site’s original format was that of a photo blog – each post featuring a quality image of a specific audio cassette, and a little information relating to it. However, whilst the photo is still the central feature in many posts, the blog is now developing into a source of interesting facts, with the text content serving as a library for anyone who wants to explore the world of analogue home recording in greater depth.

There’s a full index of featured blank audio cassettes, and a full index of featured pre-recorded audio cassettes.

As a musician involved in home recording since my school days, I built a strong affinity with audio cassettes over the years, and probably cast a more critical ear over them than most. But I want to present the information in a way everyone can relate to. This is not a collage of scientific analysis and mathematical equasions. It’s a blog for anyone with an interest in audio cassettes and the music, the sounds, they preserved. Whether you’ve a vague, passing interest, or total obsession – you’re sure to find plenty of facts and photos to feed your appetite.

The growing retro appeal now being acquired by audio cassettes is something I suppose was inevitable, given the number of years we’ve now been swamped by digital media. Tape Tardis is a release from the predictability of the computer age, and a window into the much more challenging, but often more exciting, world of analogue audio recording.

Welcome, and happy viewing.