Copyright and Fair Use Declaration

The administrator of this blog cares about copyright protection, and wishes to make the following statement regarding the legitimacy of posts which include images containing features such as original album art.

It is strongly believed that all matter on this blog depicting album art and the like qualifies for Fair Use for these reasons…

The blog is a non-commercial project and is not monetised by the administrator.

The purpose of the usage is to help illustrate historically-focused retrospectives on audio cassettes. The retrospectives have their own merit and value, and are valid independently of any matter included in the accompanying photographs. A failure to show the album art, however, would deprive visitors of information which is considered vital to the complete understanding of the retrospective.

The album artwork appears, at low resolution, as a component in a wider picture, which cannot act as a substitute for the album artwork. On that basis, this blog’s publication of photographs which include album artwork does not in any way commercially threaten the album art copyright holder’s ability to exploit his/her work for profit.