1997 Woolworths Chrome High Bias Audio Cassette

Woolworths Chrome C90 Audio Cassette

In addition to the standard ferric in the post on THIS LINK, Woolworths also did a high bias Chrome audio cassette. I’m assuming Chrome was just the name of the product and not the actual tape formulation, as this artefact comes from 1997 – in an era afterwhich even the highly chrome-committed BASF had turned their backs on real chrome. Continue reading

1997 BASF CMII Chrome Maxima Audio Cassette

1997 BASF CMII Chrome Maxima Audio Cassette

I wonder how many of the people buying BASF CMII Chrome Maxima cassettes in the late 1990s realised that they weren’t buying chrome tapes? Continue reading

1997 Konica KX-HR 90 Audio Cassette

1997 Konica KX-HR 90 Audio Cassette

Given the distaste I had for Konica’s photographic film, I wasn’t expecting much from their audio tapes, and indeed stayed clear of them until 1997, when I needed some high bias tapes in quantity, and was swayed by the saving on bulk packs of Konicas, as opposed to more highly respected brands. I was amazed at how good these tapes were, and even though I’d bought quite a number of them, I did buy more. They were actually my last audio tape fad before I switched to entirely digital recording means. Continue reading