Sony CHF90 Audio Cassette (1980)

1980 Sony CHF90 Audio Cassette

The Sony CHF60 has already been added to this blog, and you can find the full text for the tape in the post: 1981 Sony CHF60 Audio Cassette.

I did, however, think it was also worth adding this post for the 90 minute version, if only for the photo, which I initially posted to my Flickr account. What a great encapsulation of the technology of 1980 this image is.


Deltic Duties Audio Cassette (1980)

Deltic Duties Audio Cassette (1980)

A reminder that not all commercial audio cassette recording was related to music or the spoken voice. Back in the distant depths of 1980 there was a thriving cottage industry creating and selling audio recordings of British locomotives, and not just steam. Classic diesel recordings were also very popular. Continue reading