Buddy Guy – Feels Like Rain on CrO2 Cassette

Buddy Guy - Feels Like Rain

Last weekend I was listening to a fascinating radio interview, which Cerys Matthews did with engineer and producer Tony Platt – noted for his work with Bob Marley, AC/DC and a diverse range of other major artists. There were some great insights into the making of legendary recordings, including a discussion about Bob Marley and the ‘commercialisation’ of his track Stir It Up. Lots of nuggets of info from what one might expect would now be fading memories, but recalled with consummate assuredness. Continue reading

1990 That’s RX 60 Audio Cassette

1990 That's RX 60 Audio Cassette

I’ve put this one down as a ‘1990’, because I believe I bought it in the latter part of that year – possibly even early 1991. However, vintagecassettes.com shows this version of the RX as having been replaced by a different design by 1990, so I dare say some of this stock took a lot longer to sell than the UK retailers might have desired. Continue reading