EMI HFX C90 Audio Cassette

1970s EMI HFX C90 Audio Cassette

The things you find lurking in drawers… I was really excited to discover this EMI HFX C90 audio tape yesterday, and couldn’t wait to get it photographed and posted on Tape Tardis. Continue reading


1976 Agfa High Energy Low Noise Audio Cassette

1976 Agfa High Energy Low Noise C90 Audio Cassette

This really was a remarkable discovery. I found it among some odds and ends of my Mom’s, which were collected together and stored after she died in 1994. Not only was it amazing just to find a mid 1970s Agfa High Energy Low Noise audio cassette, but it was also quite a revelation listening to it. Continue reading

1997 Woolworths Chrome High Bias Audio Cassette

Woolworths Chrome C90 Audio Cassette

In addition to the standard ferric in the post on THIS LINK, Woolworths also did a high bias Chrome audio cassette. I’m assuming Chrome was just the name of the product and not the actual tape formulation, as this artefact comes from 1997 – in an era afterwhich even the highly chrome-committed BASF had turned their backs on real chrome. Continue reading

1997 Konica KX-HR 90 Audio Cassette

1997 Konica KX-HR 90 Audio Cassette

Given the distaste I had for Konica’s photographic film, I wasn’t expecting much from their audio tapes, and indeed stayed clear of them until 1997, when I needed some high bias tapes in quantity, and was swayed by the saving on bulk packs of Konicas, as opposed to more highly respected brands. I was amazed at how good these tapes were, and even though I’d bought quite a number of them, I did buy more. They were actually my last audio tape fad before I switched to entirely digital recording means. Continue reading

1986 Tensai International Low Noise C90 Audio Tape

1980s Tensai International Low Noise C90 Audio Cassette

This tape brought back quite a few memories. I’m sure anyone who has recollections of being in, and more specifically joining bands, in the days before home CD burning, will relate to this… Continue reading

1990s Woolworths Ferric 90 Audio Cassette Tape

1990s Woolworths Ferric 90 Audio Cassette

One audio tape brand I’m not seeing much of on the Internet is Woolworths. Until it went out of business in early 2009, Woolworths (very often known as Woollies) was a British high street retail chain store. It had been a fairly well respected and popular chain of large general product shops in the latter part of the 20th century, perhaps best known for selling sweets and snacks, entertainment media such as records and tapes, and household electrical items such as light bulbs or plug extensions. Continue reading

1970s Scotch Dynarange C90 Audio Cassette

1970s Scotch Dynarange Audio Cassette

I don’t have a date of purchase for this blatantly very old Scotch Dynarange tape, but there’s one recording on it featuring me as a child, with kids I knew at junior school. The case design ties in with that shown in the 1971 to 1973 stock on http://vintagecassettes.com/, and there’s nothing to contest the fact that my Mom would have bought the cassette during that period. The recording of me as a child wouldn’t have been as early as that – it’s more like 1975 or 1976 I think. But this is a retro cassette, good and proper. Continue reading