Pre-Recorded Ferric Tape vs Blank Ferrics

Pre-recorded Ferric Audio Tape Test

I thought this would make for an interesting experiment. I’ve griped a little recently about expensive, pre-recorded cassettes, manufactured between the mid ‘eighties and mid ‘nineties, being produced with ferric tape formulations, as opposed to chrome. So I thought I’d assess exactly what customers were getting, in terms of sound quality, from these pre-recorded, CD-era ferric tapes. Continue reading

1990s Woolworths Ferric 90 Audio Cassette Tape

1990s Woolworths Ferric 90 Audio Cassette

One audio tape brand I’m not seeing much of on the Internet is Woolworths. Until it went out of business in early 2009, Woolworths (very often known as Woollies) was a British high street retail chain store. It had been a fairly well respected and popular chain of large general product shops in the latter part of the 20th century, perhaps best known for selling sweets and snacks, entertainment media such as records and tapes, and household electrical items such as light bulbs or plug extensions. Continue reading