Why Use Audio Cassettes in the Digital Age?

Sony Metallic 60 Cassette

The answer was once obvious. Decades ago, people used compact cassettes because there was no other media upon which they could conveniently preserve sound at home, and because cassettes allowed pre-recorded matter to be played in places where the delicacy and static requirements of vinyl disc turntables were impractical. Continue reading

1980s Sony BHF 90 Audio Cassette Dismantled

1980s Sony BHF90 Dismantled

Firstly, I should mention that this is not the 1983 BHF 90 I photographed previously (or indeed the 1981). This is another variant with a few small detail differences from the ’83. Continue reading

Mahalia Jackson Greatest Hits Audio Cassette

Mahalia Jackson Greatest Hits 1974

Whether or not you have any religious leanings, if you care about the history and development of modern pop music, the work of the legendary gospel singer Mahalia Jackson should be essential listening. This audio cassette, compiled as a posthumous Greatest Hits album in 1974, contains some amazingly vital and musically thrilling performances by the Queen of Gospel, who died at the beginning on 1972. Continue reading

Emerson Lake & Palmer – Works Volume II Cassette

ELP Works Vol II Audio Cassette

I suspect that there aren’t many ‘Top Ten Worst Bands of the 1970s‘ lists which don’t include Emerson Lake & Palmer. It seems that no matter how many clips surface of Keith Emerson histrionically stabbing his organ with a knife, the group just can’t find their way to the right side of the credibility line these days. Continue reading