The Lore of Lo-Fi Cassettes

1970s Audio Cassettes

Technically, it’s an abomination. Inaccurate sonic reproduction, often lacking high end definition, drizzled in haphazard distortions, subject to random pitch fluctuations and topped off with a hissy backdrop. But to some, these technically woeful traits have come to represent beauty, character, charm. Why? Why do some of us prefer a bad recording to a good one? Why do we actually like lo-fi? Continue reading

1983 Memorex dB Series 60 Audio Cassette

1983 Memorex dB Series 60 Audio Cassette

Despite the fact that the Memorex dB Series tape doesn’t appear on Vintage until the period forward from 1985, this dB 60 is definitely from early 1983. It appears on Vintage Cassettes as if the MRXI was replaced by the dB, but in ’83 (here in the UK at least), the dBs were running concurrently with the MRXIs, and consumers had a choice between the two. Continue reading