Ella Fitzgerald – Ella in London (1974) Audio Cassette

Ella Fitzgerald - Ella in London Audio Cassette (1974)

This is now a highly-prized possession. It’s an original 1970s pre-recorded audio cassette, featuring the 1974 live album Ella in London, by the great jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald. It was bought by my Mother either at or shortly after an Ella Fitzgerald performance she went to see. I don’t know what year the performance my Mom went to see took place, but it would have been mid ’70s – no later than 1977 I’m sure. That period is all very hazy for me because I was so young and I wasn’t really taking in detailed information, but I do remember my Mom raving on about Ella Fitzgerald for literally months. The event clearly had a big impact on her. Continue reading

John Lee Hooker – Boom Boom (1992)

John Lee Hooker - Boom Boom (1992)

It’s now getting on for a hundred years since John Lee Hooker was born. Regrettably, he died in 2001, but he surely must remain as one of the most memorable genuine and fully authentic blues artists of all time. It’s widely felt that in the business of popular music, once an artist hits his/her forties (if not before), his/her appeal to the main sector of the commercial market will diminish to a critical low. There are exceptions, but very few artists aged well over 70(!) could have reached out to the mass market, from college kids right through to pensioners, the way John Lee Hooker did in the early 1990s. Continue reading