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The Jam – Snap Audio Cassette

The Jam - Snap audio cassette

With a classic red Polydor paper label, Snap, by The Jam, is a reminder of the transition period for pre-recorded audio cassettes in the UK. By the time of this tape’s 1983 release, some manufacturers had dumped trad labels and were screening the relevant details directly onto the plastic casing. Good to see that this release had retained the far more attractive red stick-ons. Continue reading The Jam – Snap Audio Cassette

Sonic Youth – Sister Audio Cassette (UK (1987)

You get a perfect sense of what sort of album this is going to be from the fact that the labels are stuck on the wrong sides of the tape. Side 2’s label is on Side 1, and vice versa. I’ve often wondered whether this was deliberate, given Sonic Youth’s approach, but even if not, it’s entirely in keeping with with the chaotic and contradictory attitude of the music.

Sonic Youth - Sister Audio Cassette (UK 1987) Continue reading Sonic Youth – Sister Audio Cassette (UK (1987)

The Damned – Final Damnation Audio Cassette (1989)

The Damned were one of the ‘big three’ original British punk bands, alongside the Sex Pistols and The Clash. They released the first ever single to be acknowledged as British punk rock, in autumn 1976, and whilst their path was far from smooth and continuous, they remained active and high up in alternative public consciousness right through the early and mid 1980s.

Through the one decade plus from ’76 into the late ‘eighties, the band’s musical style morphed, and I suppose you could say ‘matured’ – although that would imply that original format punk was immature, which I don’t believe was the case.

The Damned Final Damnation audio cassette (1989) Continue reading The Damned – Final Damnation Audio Cassette (1989)