Classic Type IV Metal Bias Cassette Comparison

Type IV Metal Cassettes

Yes, ‘tis the Clash of the Titans, as four old behemoths of analogue recording media slog it out for supremacy. Continue reading


Audio Tape Shoot-Out: BASF, TDK, Memorex, That’s

Classic Audio Tape Shoot-Out 1

Okay, so this is in no way a fair contest, but unfair usually makes for more interesting reading, so no apologies for that. In this post, I’m comparing the performance of four well-kept and barely used 60 minute audio tapes, made between the early 1980s and the mid 1990s. The idea was not to make a champion of a particular brand, but to explore how varied old audio cassettes can be in the way they handle a modern recording. Continue reading

Deutsche Grammophon 3D Classics Series Audio Cassette

Deutsche Grammophon 3D Series Cassette - Schumann

This is another of the highly attractive, abundantly classy and sonically spectacular Polydor / Deutsche Grammophon CrO2 pre-records of the 1980s. It’s part of the 3D Classics series, which was released around the cusp of the ‘80s and ‘90s decades, with this particular instalment hitting the shops in 1989. Continue reading

Early 1970s Scotch Dynarange C-120 Audio Tape

Scotch Dynarange C-120 Audio Cassette

I was quite flippant about the performance when I posted a photo of a Scotch Dynarange C-90 in 2012, but it’s often very hard with old tapes to evaluate them properly, since so little is known about the recording conditions, and there’s little or no space to record new sequences for test purposes.

Gladly, however, I’ve now unearthed an early ‘70s Scotch Dynarange C-120 with plenty of blank space on Side B, so I set about establishing what these 40+ year-old stalwarts are like when it comes to preserving a known quality of signal. Continue reading

Sony CHF90 Audio Cassette (1980)

1980 Sony CHF90 Audio Cassette

The Sony CHF60 has already been added to this blog, and you can find the full text for the tape in the post: 1981 Sony CHF60 Audio Cassette.

I did, however, think it was also worth adding this post for the 90 minute version, if only for the photo, which I initially posted to my Flickr account. What a great encapsulation of the technology of 1980 this image is.

Deltic Duties Audio Cassette (1980)

Deltic Duties Audio Cassette (1980)

A reminder that not all commercial audio cassette recording was related to music or the spoken voice. Back in the distant depths of 1980 there was a thriving cottage industry creating and selling audio recordings of British locomotives, and not just steam. Classic diesel recordings were also very popular. Continue reading

Jimi Hendrix Experience – Live at Winterland cassette

Jimi Hendrix Experience Live at Winterland audio cassette

No one raised the importance of the electric guitar like Jimi Hendrix. Not that electric guitars were any sort of insignificance before Hendrix arrived on the scene, of course, but he did markedly elevate the guitarist’s potential status within a band. He showed that it was possible for the guitar to grab such attention in a rock group, that Continue reading