Early 1970s Scotch Dynarange C-120 Audio Tape

Scotch Dynarange C-120 Audio Cassette

I was quite flippant about the performance when I posted a photo of a Scotch Dynarange C-90 in 2012, but it’s often very hard with old tapes to evaluate them properly, since so little is known about the recording conditions, and there’s little or no space to record new sequences for test purposes.

Gladly, however, I’ve now unearthed an early ‘70s Scotch Dynarange C-120 with plenty of blank space on Side B, so I set about establishing what these 40+ year-old stalwarts are like when it comes to preserving a known quality of signal. Continue reading

1992 Scotch BX 60 Audio Cassette

1992 Scotch BX 60 Audio Cassette

This is a Scotch BX/60, from 1992. It’s not a good tape. It’s very hissy and pretty much personifies low-end sound quality. I suppose that’s fair enough, given that it sat at the bottom of Scotch’s range at the time, but it’s not a great advert for what was once a very well respected brand. Continue reading

1970s Scotch Dynarange C90 Audio Cassette

1970s Scotch Dynarange Audio Cassette

I don’t have a date of purchase for this blatantly very old Scotch Dynarange tape, but there’s one recording on it featuring me as a child, with kids I knew at junior school. The case design ties in with that shown in the 1971 to 1973 stock on http://vintagecassettes.com/, and there’s nothing to contest the fact that my Mom would have bought the cassette during that period. The recording of me as a child wouldn’t have been as early as that – it’s more like 1975 or 1976 I think. But this is a retro cassette, good and proper. Continue reading