The Damned – Anything (CrO2 Audio Cassette)

The Damned - Anything Cassette 1986

Made at the height of the chromium dioxide era, this pre-record, released on the MCA label, forms a nice little nugget of nostalgia. With its black shell, silver paper label, and green tape leader, the cassette looks, as well as plays, like a quality product. Continue reading

The Damned – Final Damnation Audio Cassette (1989)

The Damned were one of the ‘big three’ original British punk bands, alongside the Sex Pistols and The Clash. They released the first ever single to be acknowledged as British punk rock, in autumn 1976, and whilst their path was far from smooth and continuous, they remained active and high up in alternative public consciousness right through the early and mid 1980s.

Through the one decade plus from ’76 into the late ‘eighties, the band’s musical style morphed, and I suppose you could say ‘matured’ – although that would imply that original format punk was immature, which I don’t believe was the case.

The Damned Final Damnation audio cassette (1989) Continue reading

1984 Bootleg Audio Cassette The Damned

Record Fair Bootleg The Damned 1984

In my last post I talked about the bootleg audio cassette tapes available from record fairs in early ‘80s Britain. The photo depicted one of the cassettes, but not the case inlay I was describing… Continue reading

1983 Sony Metallic 60 Audio Cassette

1983 Sony Metallic 60 Audio Cassette

Was there ever a better looking audio cassette on the high street shelves in the 1980s? The Sony Metallic 60 exuded class, with its dark label and gold foil-printed lettering. Even the inlay card in the case looked special, in white, with large gold-foil lettering. Continue reading