Mid 1990s TDK SF 60 Compact Cassette Tape

Mid 1990sTDK SF 60 Compact Cassette Tape

A lot of people don’t realise that Tape Tardis was set up as a photo blog. As the content progressed, the posts incorporated more and more information, until the site was serving primarily as an information source, which just happened to have some nice pictures.

This post, however, returns to the original theme of focusing on the imagery. It depicts an early to mid 1990s TDK SF 60 Type II cassette, hard backlit, to highlight the transparent but tinted casing, which reproduces with a golden hue. I added a TDK SF 90 previously, which provides a more conventional sense of how the tapes looked.

If you’re tantalised by the partial glimpse into the cassette interior, you can see a dismatled audio casstte in this Sony BHF 90 post.